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Friday, October 25, 2013

Put a Vertical Panorama on your Horizon.

So how do you do a vertical panorama?! 

I stood in the MIDDLE of the Pin Oak and Red Maple you see below.
The trees are actually very close together. You can't see much of the sky in between them.

I selected Pano on my iPhone 5, turned my phone on its side, then SCANNED up into the sky….. from the ground UP the trunk of one tree to the top and then down the trunk of the other tree to the ground again. 


I took at least 6 panos trying to get the arc just right so that the trees were straight on the top and bottom. LOL Going SLOW was the key. 

Vertical Panorama flip: Earth below me, earth above me. Here is my best tree pano from this afternoon in 3 different looks . (Linked to my Flickr account.)

Vertical Panorama: Earth below me, earth above me. Vertical Panorama: Earth below me, earth above me.

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