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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guiding Questions for #MOedchat TONIGHT Aug. 29, 9pm Central time! (VISUAL STORYTELLING)

Our Missouri #moedchat topic for 8/29/13 9pm Central is Visual Storytelling. Glad I'm moderating it with +Ken Corum and +Barbara Warren Madden because 1) they're awesome and 2) moderating a topic makes me dig deeper as a learner. 

The 3 guiding questions for #moedchat are ones I idea-bandited from +Ken Shelton and company. Thank you! 

          Q1: Why should I promote visual learning in my classroom?  
Q2: What are some great examples of ways teachers have delivered visual learning lessons to their students?   
Q3: How can I get started with visual learning to enrich my curriculum, engage my students, and teach more effectively?  
These 3 questions will take us on a JOURNEY from the the overarching why back to the what and then the HOW. How to get started increasing the use of VISUALS and storytelling in your classroom/school/district. 

I'm no pro at visual storytelling. I learned a lot from prepping for this chat and I'll learn even more tonight with a large crew of talented and passionate educators on Twitter from 9-10pm!

Here are two initial forays into visual storytelling and metaphors.

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