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Sunday, January 20, 2013

#ETMOOC Introductory Hello!

I'm excited to take part in #ETMOOC. I keep trying to come up with puns associated with the #ETMOOC. With a little more time I'll stretch it into something lame and possibly, possibly so bad it's funny.

Why #ETMOOC? I want to connect to others, read and dialogue with educators around the world about edu-ideas, issues, and dreams. Educators do not talk enough. We are stuck in the same system the kids are. Top down. We don't direct our learning/prof development. We sit and git. We are not inspired and our natural learning styles are not engaged. We sag under pressures.

Time to change that, educators! Get involved on Twitter, just as a 'lurker' is how I started. Attend an Edcamp. They're free. They'll change your view. Take part in a MOOC. No pressures and you're in charge. Just open your mind to be the learner you are.

Here is my #etmooc introductory assignment from week one--a ThingLink interactive image that includes a 2 minute Youtube video.


  1. Laura,
    I agree about finding my voice. I found mine through Twitter and blogging. (I've been to one edcamp so far, and going to my next one next month.) So powerful, that constructivist learning for teachers too. Thanks for sharing! Good job on your introduction for #etmooc!


  2. Laura, I love what you say about discovering your voice and the power of stories. I think this is the first time I've seen a ThingLink interactive.
    Thanks for your intro. Looking forward to the learning!

  3. I feel you on connection in education. Too often teachers show up, shut their door, and teach like they're in their own pocket universe. That's just not how the world works anymore! Your ThingLink is great and I really liked your intro video. Look forward to seeing more of your work over the course of #etmooc.