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Thursday, April 5, 2012

365 Project

St. Patrick's Day Brick (March 12/365)Sunset silhouette (March 13/365)Could most school kids ID these leaves? (March 14/365)Crabapple flower #1  (March 15/365)Flower series 2 (March 16/365)St. Patrick's Day Fun! (March 17/365)
Flower series 3 (March 18/365)Flower series 4 (March 19/365) Raindrop Crabapple flowerFlower series 5 (March 20/365) Another Rainy Day Crabapple flowerFlower series 6 (March 21/365) The Stage is Set!Flower series 7 (March 22/365) The Unfolding!Flower Series 8 (March 23/365)
#edcampomaha (March 24/365)Full Glory! Flower Series 9 (March 25/365)Flower Series 10  (March 26/365)Ketchup chips (March 27/365)Lilac Love  (March 28/365)Spring play finale (March 29/365)
Flower Series 11 (March 30/365)A new Pin Oak leaf (March 31/365)Daring Jumping Spider (April 1/365)Flower Series 12 (April 2/365)Water Quality testing (April 3/365)Mrs. Gilly's bday Paper Airplane (April 4/365)

365 Project, a set on Flickr.

Evening fun. Enjoyed the artistic process of sorting through pictures and building my daily 365 project series. Added March 26 to April 5.

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