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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Twitter PLN: The More the Merrier!

AWESOME blogpost by Principal Joe Mazza on getting educators and parents into Twitter, and the power of Twitter for educator professional growth. (@joe_mazza) I like the idea of Twitter 101 and will follow-up with Joe!

GREAT video showing the power of Teachers Using Twitter! Watch it now.
(It's included in Joe's blogpost.) I like it and will recommend it to others.

I started using Twitter late November 2011. I have learned SO much via Twitter posts and it has honestly re-energized me after 17 years of teaching. I still forget to put the hashtags on my posts. LOL  I would have learned the basics faster if I'd had people around to ask. 

My dream is that my fellow teachers in my building and district will use Twitter and we can experience a very close and personal PLN. I've already looked into hashtags we can use at building level. 

I am looking for more ideas on how to work it into building and district culture. I welcome any tips on other buildings and districts that have DONE this already.

QUESTION: Is there a hashtag for beginning teacher-Twitterers? #twittertchrs perhaps?!

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