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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

365 Project

St. Patrick's Day Brick (March 12/365)Sunset silhouette (March 13/365)

365 Project, a set on Flickr.
Thanks again to Twitter, my daily Personal Learning Network, I'm excited to be trying yet another 'new' thing. Thank you to feedback and encouragement from @rmbyrne and @k_shelton. While browsing my EdTweeps posts I'd see the occasional picture and hashtage #365project. Got curious. Got feedback and jumped in.

I am adding all my future (and past, when I have time) pictures to my pro Flickr account. I can tag every picture and use MY OWN picture for both education and professional uses. No copyright worries.
I'll learn photography along the way, which is already a huge interest of mine! I think I may just meet some new and interesting people along the way, too.

Thanks to Twitter and all the amazing educators I follow for my new 'focus,' if you will. :)

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