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Friday, February 24, 2012

Josh Stumpenhorst keynote address--Student Motivation & more

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  1. Points of Impact:
    1.Kids learn MORE in groups than individually! 2.Teachers--Stop being 'Google' to kids!
    3.Innovation Days. YES! I can just see the kids faces lighting up; wheels turning. Note to self: contact Josh about tips on setting up.
    4. Use Wordle or Tagxedo in Communication Arts--kids paste research papers, documents, etc. into tagxedo or wordle. This will show a kid which words he/she used a lot. Great way to anaylze word choice/frequency.
    5. FREE and going to use.
    6. BLOGGING=voice for teacher! Get it out there! Reflecting, learning, & sharing your world and learning about others'!
    7. TWITTER = #1 PD for Josh--and for me! Whole new world of learning, collaboration, and possibility.