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Monday, February 20, 2012

Here it is on President's Day 2012 at 2:10 in the morning and I'm sitting on the couch surrounded by the snoring sounds and immediate warmth of a certain pug and chihuahua. Oh yes, and I'm writing my first blogpost! 

How shall I begin? I 'honestly' thought I'd have little to write about. Will I be 'abe-l' to find topics? (Oh dear, it IS President's Day. Will you pardon the puns?) I started a GoogleDocs page to record blog ideas as they came to me. After a month it is filled with 7 solid starting ideas, ranging from the creative frenzy of creating a game with a fellow teacher (adapted from an idea on Pinterest) to sharing how it went over in the classroom to applying for a district grant in our 6th grade Science PLT for Photography-Science PBL. Who knew the ideas would start flowing so easily and quickly? Not me! 

I find myself thinking about and reflecting on my teaching more than ever. I believe I have a professional voice in education and I'm excited to begin sharing, reflecting and discussing. Who knows what grand things may grow from the little ideas we throw out of our brains and buildings and up into the fertile blogosphere floating above our heads! Keep looking up!